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60D vlan interface configuration

Currently have a 60D we configured as follows

WAN1 -> carrier 1

WAN2 -> Carrier 2

internal -> LAN


We need to be able to route voice traffic from our PBX to a specific Voice port on their IAD2432.


I was under the impression that we could separate the 7 internal ports which are currently grouped as a "Hardware Switch" and assign one specific port as a new VLAN with new network etc.


Is this possible or not on a 60D.




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yes you can split the 'internal' ports into individual ports, and even combine some into a switch again.

But - you don't need to. You can create a VLAN as a subinterface of 'internal' and connect your PBX to it.


The point is: in order to break up the switch you need to delete all references to it - address objects, policies, DHCP server, VLANs, VIPs, etc. etc. So you don't do this (after configuration is done) if you don't have to.


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