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[] Linux - vif:78 Received non-IPv4 compliant network address

One of our clients requires to use Fortinet to access their servers.


On Centos 8 Stream, we cannot successfully established the connection.


Here are the logs:


20210317 21:55:39.580 [sslvpn:INFO] main:1412 Init 20210317 21:55:39.580 [sslvpn:INFO] main:370 Load profile: vistaprod 20210317 21:55:39.581 [sslvpn:INFO] main:118 Get DBUS session bus address 20210317 21:55:39.594 [sslvpn:INFO] main:118 Get DBUS session bus address 20210317 21:55:39.595 [sslvpn:INFO] main:941 Load profile: vistaprod 20210317 21:55:39.596 [sslvpn:INFO] main:1112 State: Connecting 20210317 21:55:39.611 [sslvpn:INFO] main:1112 State: Logging in 20210317 21:55:39.611 [sslvpn:INFO] vpn_connection:1493 /remote/info 20210317 21:55:40.083 [sslvpn:INFO] sslvpn:93 /remote/info returns 403 20210317 21:55:40.083 [sslvpn:INFO] vpn_connection:1493 /remote/login 20210317 21:55:40.587 [sslvpn:INFO] vpn_connection:1493 /remote/logincheck 20210317 21:55:40.961 [sslvpn:INFO] sslvpn:326 Authentication passed 20210317 21:55:40.961 [sslvpn:INFO] vpn_connection:1493 /remote/fortisslvpn 20210317 21:55:41.329 [sslvpn:INFO] vpn_connection:1493 /remote/fortisslvpn_xml 20210317 21:55:41.675 [sslvpn:INFO] sslvpn:729 Login successful 20210317 21:55:41.712 [sslvpn:INFO] main:1112 State: Configuring tunnel 20210317 21:55:41.713 [sslvpn:EROR] vif:78 Received non-IPv4 compliant network address 20210317 21:55:41.713 [sslvpn:EROR] vpn_connection:1231 Create VPN network interface failed


It works perfectly on Windows 10.


Why do we receive a non-IPv4 compliant network address?


(EROR? what language is it? I'd either look for "err", "error" but not "eror"..)



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A reply from the support would be appreciated.

The client can't be used on the most used linux OSes (RHEL 7/8 + Centos 7/8Stream)

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If you need support, you need to open a ticket with support. This is a community forum not a support channel.


Ken Felix




PCNSE NSE StrongSwan
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same error here,any solution?


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