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5.4.1 and FGT60E

I have a new FGT60E which freezes completely when connect to “Administrative Port 443” over IPSEC Interface VPN. ([link][/link] There is no problem when I do the same from the local subnet it has something to do with the IPSEC Connection.


Access to the Admin UI or Serial with Putty is not possible anymore, only power cycle is the last solution. So can’t log in or manage, no error messages. Diag debug crashlog read: 18: 2016-10-11 04:18:54 the killed daemon is /bin/getty: status=0x0 19: 2016-10-11 04:33:30 the killed daemon is /bin/getty: status=0x0 20: 2016-10-11 04:48:47 the killed daemon is /bin/pyfcgid: status=0x0 21: 2016-10-11 07:00:57 the killed daemon is /bin/getty: status=0x0


Same config is running on FG60D without any issues.

Anybody else has the same problem ? Regards Joe

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Your post was a really big relief for me , for 5 days now I was having problems with a network from a customer of ours. I could not understand nor find the reason why the FGT60e were freezing, it is a complex setup with setup with 3 Fortigate (2x 60e, 1x 30c) and 3 Zyxel USG device’s but the only to that kept freezing where the 60e’s.


I have exactly the same issue, 2 Fortigate 60e and when I access the adminpage over IPSec VPN the router freeze’s. At the moment I have blocked accessing the adminpage via a policy rule so nor me or my colleagues could accidently trigger a freeze.


Have you found a solution or an official reply from Fortigate?


Greetings Johan


Anyone of you care to upgrade to v5.4.2, to see if this issue is resolved?

Sounds like a pretty common situation so this bug IMHO is bad.

And, any ticket opened so far? Otherwise, FTNT will never hear of the issue.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

I updated both FGT60e's tot the last version of 5.4 but ant the moment I cannot test if the bug is stil present, due to the customer not willing to take extra/new downtime at the moment. I have dropped the issue at our distributor in The Netherlands.

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5.4.1 on 60E/61E is full of bugs. 5.4.2 is released til these, i would strongly recommend a upgrade.


Ik had a new 60e , I updated it to 5.4.2. Ik created a setup with a 800c and 60e connected bij IPSec and I cannot replay the bug anymore. So for the moment I would say the bug is solved in the newer firmware. I do have an new problem, with the older firmware VOIP via de IPSec was working, now I have errors pointing to SIP ALG. I have already disabled alle the settings for SIP on 5.4.x but that is for a different ticket.


Have updated to FGT_60E-v5-build5769-FORTINET.out (5.4.2) and now the problem is fixed. Regards Johannes


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