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4G Modem and 30E

Recently we have been using the Seirra / Netgear / Telstra 320U 4G USB dongle with 30D fortigates to facilitate remote dialup VPN connections.  This solution has been working really really well.


Now the modem is end of life and the new kid on the block from nearly all mobile carriers is the 'wingle' which is 4GX.  As it has NAT which cannot be removed, it is presenting more problems than I would like at this point.  We ended up buying 10 more of the old USB dongles just to be safe.


On top of that, Fortinet has just announced that the 30D is end of life.  No problem there.....

We have got new 30E which comes with a USB3 port.  Low and behold, it does not work with our old USB dongle.


We can reproduce the problem and get the USB dongle working, but when the 30E reboots, it does not initialize the modem again and just gets stuck in a 'connecting' loop.


We are really stuck and shelling out the money for the Forti-extender is less than attractive at this point.

The modem is on the compatibility list as well.


Any ideas?



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Definitely open a ticket with Support to make this known to them, and possibly to get a fix.


Both the hardware and it's firmware (v5.4) are bleeding edge - not a sound strategy if you are really in need for this to work. AFAIK the 30D is still at sale and you should be able to get service contracts for a while - contact your FTNT partner.


"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"

Got a ticket open already.  Moving very slowly though.  The 30D is definitely end of sale here.  Our partner gave us a 30E.


We've been using 5.4.1 firmware across all our systems and we are very happy with it.


I believe this problem to be directly linked to the USB3 port on the 30E and its driver.