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300D: Maximum users / sizing



Currently on a 300D with about 125 users at main location and another 125 scattered across the WAN in 3 other locations.

We run a our VPNS, some low level SSL VPN users, AV, Sandboxing etc.  

We rarely see much CPU usage at all and perhaps 50% memory usage.

We have 5 ports still free as well and plan to manage our switches via Fortilink.


Outside IT vendor is claiming "way undersized" need larger firewall, seems very pushy.

Also claiming, managing the switches will place undue load on the firewall...

Any thoughts out here?


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From youre info a 300D seems fine. I have several running with even more clients.

I have a lighter 100E model with multiple fortiswitches attached. (12). The fortiswitches are managed by the fortigate but still switching is done by the switches itself. All routing is done by the firewall.


But it all depends on the way you are using the unit or going to use it in the feature.

For instance schools are very different to busineses.

Also is the 300D in the center of youre network? (are all VLAN's terminated on the fortigate) is there need for 10 gig ?


I would also recomend using LACP channels to fully utilize the 300D capabilities in stead of giving each ip network a dedicated interface. (fortigate has 1 gbps links, but firewall troughput is 8 gbps (UTM 1.5 gbps))


Does the IT vendor say which firewall is more up to the task ?


Regards, Alex


Alex Wassink


Alex Wassink NSE4,5,7,8 CCNP, ACMP, VCP6-NV

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