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200B FortiDDoS V5.5.2 Firmware Downgrade to V5.5.1

Hi Guys,

Can you advise if the Management IP for FortiDDos would need to be reconfigured when Downgrading from Firmware version 5.5.2 to 5.5.1?

Would the Management IP along with the system configuration be erased during the Downgrade process and therefore need to be reconfigured?

#*FortiDDoS 5.5.2 Release Notes (


Dear Andrade,

while this is from the FortiDDOS 6.5 administration guide, I believe it should also apply to earlier firmware versions:

"Downgrading below the previous most recent firmware version is not recommended since it will result in the erasure of all configuration settings, including the management IP address.

  • You must use a console port connection to reconfigure the management interface.
  • After you have configured the management interface, you can restore the earlier configuration. We recommend you restore a configuration you knew to be working effectively on the firmware version you installed.
  • After restoring the configuration, the system reboots, and the restored configuration will be in effect."
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