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2 gateways on the same network.

Good evening,

I am from Brazil and I am translating this text. I did not find good forums in Portuguese. I'm new to UTM and would like an aid in what to do in the following scenario that I am.

I have a Fortigate60C
I have 2 Internet links (WAN1 and WAN2), and in WAN2 this is my corporate network of 30 Mbps. On the other link on WAN1 I want to set up hotspot access points across the enterprise, using the same network infrastructure.

Hey I created a sitetoSite VPN but it did not work. Can someone tell me a video tutorial?

Based on this information what is most advised to do under these conditions and how do I do this.
If you need more information I can send it.

Please help me. Hug.
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