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1-to-1 NAT question



We have configured 1-to-1 NAT, but there are a few ports we would still like to block.  Would I be correct in that the process for doing this would be:


  • Leave the current 1-to-1 NAT rule in place
  • Create additional port forward rules that DENY the ports we want to block
  • Add these ports to a new IPv4 Policy that is higher up (and therefore matched first) than the policy for the 1-to-1 NAT?[/ol]

    Thanks, in advance, for your insight!

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    Why do you need No.2? You just want only the rest of ports access to follow the current out-to-in (or in-to-out) NAT rule, right? You can simply deny traffic coming in for those specific ports with No.3.

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    The  vip is one part  the access rule controls the traffic, can you share what  you did since you mention 1-to-1 nat and then port-forward in the same breath so it's confusing what you  actually did.


    Also keep in mind that fwpolicy  ordering of the sequence plays a very very important factor in matching the NAT.



    Ken Felix




    PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

    Yea, you probably need it. Without the vip, FGT can't determine the outgoing port.


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