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1 LAN - 2 Separate ISP



We are trying to set up a FGT600D so we can have 2 separate WAN (ISP) link. 


All user by default will use WAN1

Some user will use WAN2


Since we are not able to "Source IP" our user, we think that setting a Explcit proxy for these users could be a good solution. 

The problem occur since we cannot not use Policy based routing, and we cannot setup 2 default gateway (one for WAN 1 and other for WAN 2)


We know that VDOM, can give more flexibility on this, but we try to find if any solution is available without VDOM.


Any idea i can we make it work ?



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Why is policy based routing not an option (not questioning your decision just trying to understand)


Also, ECMP can be configured to loadbalance the traffic between the two but it won't give you the control to say only user group A goes out WAN1 and user group B goes out WAN2....


You could get creative for certain destination addresses though on your static routes.