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Best way to perform remote shutdown during power outages

We have several power outages at our locations. We use the Fortinet 50B firewalls exclusively. Quite often after the power returns, the firmware on the firewall is corrupted. What technique could we apply which during a power outage we could remotely command the firewall to shut down properly? Normally we have the Firewall in a UPS; however, the UPS does not interface with the firewall to send a proper shutdown command. Also, if the shut down command is used. How do you get the Firewall to come back on...just apply power? Thanks.
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yes, after an exec shutdown, if you apply power the firewall boots.
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Hopefully this still applies in today's day and age. I have a 101F HA-pair that I will be shutting down the Master remotely tonight and someone will reapply the power for it to boot up automatically. I have to troubleshoot things on the secondary and TAC wants the Master to be completely down.

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Not sure why they have to shutdown the master/primary while shutting down interface on the switch side interfaces facing to the primary, then shutting down HA interface(s) on the secondary side would isolate the unit, which should be equivalent to shutting it down to troubleshoot the secondary, which would become the temporary primary.

Then it's done, just normalize HA interfaces to form HA between them then normalize those interfaces on the switch(es) to recover normal operation. With this way nobody needs to be there to power up the unit again.

If you have a terminal server to remote console access, that would be ideal but I assume you don't have it.