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upgrade Fweb 5.4.1 to 5.5.4 special repartition image

Hi all,

I was wondering whether there are people who have experience in upgrading a physical Fweb cluster from the 5.4.x train to 5.5.x

The release notes say:

"To upgrade from a version of FortiWeb previous to 5.5, you must first resize your FortiWeb hard disk partitions" ... perform the required resizing task by installing a special firmware image. (...)

I have posted earlier a respons in a thread with this kind of question where someone said he just installed the latest (5.5.x) firmware that did the repartition automatically. However maybe this was from a vm.

Since the release notes mention to load the special firmware image, what happens next? Is the next step to load the final desired image which is 5.5.4 in our case?

Please share your experience how you succesfully upgrade a physical ha cluster.


Kind regards,

Ralph Willemsen

Arnhem, Netherlands


sorry, I missed the post from Alfred, that says that the repartition image leaves the current firmware version intact and after that I can install the final firmware.





Hello Guys,

 Do you have solution already?

For you to upgrade up to the latest version you need first repartition the device,


1. download the partition image from portal

2. upgrade with the latest firmware.

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