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uninstalling 3rd party AV

hello everyone,


I am about to replace a customer 3rd party AV to Forticlient. The potential hiccup I am seeing is how to uninstall the customer's existing 3rd party installed on each workstation.


What would be the best approach to roll out FC to 500-800 endpoints while removing the 3rd party av prior to the deployment?


Working with other brands of AV, they have some features wherein you can simply create a rule or package to uninstall the target AV (provided that AV version is in the lists).




As I know there is no built in tool in FCT to help uninstalling other AVs. They should have an uninstalling tool or some CLI commands that can be run via GPO. After uninstalling you can than proceed with FCT installation as shown in the guide.

- Emirjon
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