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troubleshooting spikes high cpu usage


our 2 100F HA pairs in 6.4.8 and 6.4.9 randomly one of the cores or two hits 90%+ cpu usage. "diag sys top" shows ipsengine. I have implimented no inspection policy to our trusted destinations which I believed would help, it has definitely lowered the numbe of random spikes but still happens. I either have to manually kill ipsengine everytime or wait few mins. since our 2 HA pairs are on seperate firmwares, I want to rule out some issue with firmware but at the same time I do not see any correlation between logs other than ipsengine. I also upgraded ipsengine via fortiguard. any help is appreciated!
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Hello @kasakopei,


                  Thank you for using the Community Forum. When the firewall's CPU goes high, could you let me know what are the symptoms that you encounter?


- Does the firewall goes into conserve mode?

- Which process according to the process logs consumes the highest cpu?

- Do you see a pattern when the cpu goes high?


Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks and regards,

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