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[solved] FGT in transparent mode resolves all internal DNS requests to 1 IP

Hi folks,

just installed a FGT in transparent mode in the "BACK" of another Fortigate. (Because I try to offload some tasks, to this FGT).

This is working for surfing the internet, but not when I try to resolve internal domainnames.


Every internal lookup resolves to IP:


In the FGT I set the primary and secondary DNS Server to my internal DCs.


The networkconfig is:


LAN <-> (lanport) FGT Transparent (wanport) <-> (lanport) FGT NAT (wanport) <-> Internet


Any help will be very nice.


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seems it is connected to some security filters.


EDIT: Finally it was the DNS -Filter. After deactivating it resolving of internal IPs is working again.



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