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route website to ipsec vpn site to site

hello community hope you are doing well


please can anyone help me get a solution

i have a two sites one in Africa and the second in Europe connected through vpn ipsec.

i have a client website that is have a ip restriction that block not EU public ip 

so i add the public ip of this site in phase 2 as remote ip and add static route to ipsec and do the same thing in other side now is it working.(in this case website have only one public ip).

but i believe that there's another way to configure that and resolving this issues

have you any advice


thanks in advance.


Hello Abdo,


for the site to work through a tunnel, on both ends the phase2 selectors must be containing the other ends nodes, so siteA with the server must contain the network of site B that has the client, vice versa. Additionally, you need routing in place.


The only other way to access the site would be outside the tunnel, like the site is available via Internet. Create a static route for that site IP(s) to route traffic to the site outside.


Best regards,




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