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"Cannot add System Storage Internal"?

We're redeploying a bunch of 80CM's and on several of the units with 512MB RAM, I'm seeing the message "Cannot add System Storage Internal" on boot.  The unit I have in front of me with 1GB RAM does not display that message.  We're running Version: FortiWiFi-80CM v5.2.0,build0589,140613 (GA) on all of them at the customer's request.  I've Googled and cannot find a pointer to the issue.


Since I've not done exhaustive testing, I don't know if this occurs with every 512MB unit or that I've only recently started paying attention.  Is there a document explaining what it means?  On the 512MB units, "config system storage" is not supported.  It works fine on the 1GB unit.


Edit:  For the next guy...


I got an answer from our SE.  He said that it's a flag to let you know that you cannot enable logging to flash, so nothing to worry about.  You wouldn't want to anyway.   (Page 18) Disk logging and memory logging changes On some FortiGate models, flash-based logging is not available in FortiOS v5.2.0. For these platforms, Fortinet recommends the free FortiCloud central logging & reporting service, as it offers higher capacity and extends the features available to the FortiGate. These models include: FG-100D (P09340-04 or earlier) FG-20C FG-20C_ADSL_A FG-200B/200B_POE (Without FSM) FG-300C_Gen1 (P09616-04 or earlier) FG-40C FG-60C FG-60C-POE FG-60C-SFP FG-70D FG-60D FG-80C/80CM (P05403-05, P05446-05) FW-20C FW-40C FW-20C_ADSL_A FW-60CX_A FW-60C FW-60CM (P08962-04 or later) FW-60CX_ADSL-A FW-60D FW-60D-POE


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