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protect web server configured with vip by https

i have configured virtual ip to reach a web serveur in my local lan. i works, but traffic is http.

i want people reach my web server with https.

what is the solution ?

I Have checked virtual server , but my fortigate 100 d (forti os version 5.2) don't display https in the configuration.

is there a solution please.




Please try the following steps:


1. Create a Virtual IP for HTTPS traffic:


- Access the FortiGate CLI.

- Configure a Virtual IP with server-type set to https.

- Set the external IP, interface, server-type as https, and the appropriate port (443).

- Add the real servers with their IP addresses and port 443.

- Set the SSL certificate for HTTPS traffic.


2. Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirect for the Virtual IP:


- Configure the Virtual IP with server-type set to http.

- Enable the http-redirect option for this Virtual IP.


3. Add the Virtual IPs to a policy:


- Create a firewall policy that includes the Virtual IPs for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

- Set the appropriate source and destination interfaces, addresses, services, and actions.


By following these steps, you can configure your FortiGate 100D to allow users to reach your web server using HTTPS instead of HTTP.



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Dhruvin Patel

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