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New Contributor Webfilter

Hello all,


today my 240d cluster was crashing. I had over the last ours 340.000 blocked sessions just for

Its okay for me that its blocked cause i have in the webfilter profile software and freeware downoad blocked. But i

am wondering what made this high amount of sessions. Was google doing some or do i have a virus in the network

that asked the clients to download from ?


The firewall was than out of memory and it was needed to reload the cluster to get the funtktion back,


If somebody can tell me what possible happend would be great







Valued Contributor II

What do your webfilter logs show (Log & Report > Web Filter)?  You should be able to filter the logs to see the sources and other details.

New Contributor

I have a nat device between fortigate and user network so i just see one IP that comes from user network. These sessions are blocked cause of the webfilter policy that blocks freware and software downloads. I checked in an other firewall that more than 200 user ip are accessing but always the same ip i thought that behinf is a CDN that changes the ip addresses depending on the load.