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only allow certain TLD e-mail

Is there a way we can only accept mail from the primary TLDs?  and maybe a few selected alternate specific domains?

essential we just want to flat out block all the new spam TLD addresses so users don't even get them in the quarantine.


I do want to continue scanning e-mail from the primaries, so I don't think whitelist is the way to go.


Maybe not even fully block, but apply a lot more stringent scanning policies to non primary TLD?


In FortiMail 5.4 we added 2 new FortiGuard categories in the URI filter :

- Newly Observed Domain - Newly Registered Domain   These new categories came too late in the FML 5.4 development cycle to use them for anything other than URI filtering be we are working to allow these to be used in email domain filtering policies so such mail can quarantined/blocked etc.  

Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet

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