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netscan crashing my 90D



I am on 5.2.7. I have been on this firmware since close to it's release date. My firewall has been crashing every one or two weeks. Since I updated. I have identified that netscan is throttling the cpu and takes up between 80 and 90 percent of the processor at the time that the firewall crashes. I have observed this at least 4 times now and it has been the same situation over and over again. I have been consulting with fortinet for this issue since it began, so yeah it has occurred continuously for about 3 months.


Can someone tell me what netscan is used for in the fortigate? Fortinet staff don't seem to have a clear idea of it's purpose, I don't feel I have much choice but to consult the forum.

If I am not able to debug netscan, does anyone have an opinion what the best firmware could be for the fortiwifi 90d? 5.2.7 obviously conflicts with my configuration. 5.2.8 just came out but i hesitate to upgrade as I have an audit in 4 weeks, and I don't want to find myself in a worse situation. thanks in advance.


The Network Vulnerability Scan helps you to protect your network assets (servers and workstations) by scanning them for security weaknesses. You can scan on-demand or on a scheduled basis


Vulnerability Scan Modes available,

Quick — check only the most commonly used ports Standard — check the ports used by most known applications Full — check all TCP and UDP ports


You may do network scan in offline hours and/or even scan fewer IP ranges in one go  by setting appropriately in the filters, and/or change mode of scan, etc


Please refer for details

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