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mvdom enviroment and automation function



Just wondering.. Is it possible to setup an automation funcion per vdom?


I'm trying to to setup an an e-mail alert when an user logs in to an ssl vpn portal but it's seems that it's 

I can setup this under global but don't have an option to bind it to a vdom


Any idea or soulution for this?


What version of FortiOS are you running? At least with our 6.0.10 and 6.2.5, "config alertemail setting" is available only under vdoms, not in global.


I have indeed seen the option within the vdom "config alertemail setting". However, it is different than configuring an automation function.


What I wanted to achieve is that the admin gets an e-mail when there is an successful login on the vpn portal I can get it working on an node without vdoms but can't get it work on the node with vdoms


This is what I have configured on the node without vdoms


config system automation-stitch  edit "WEBVPN"         set trigger "WEBVPN"         set action "WEBVPN_email"     next end config system automation-trigger edit "WEBVPN"         set event-type event-log         set logid 39424     next end config system automation-action edit "WEBVPN_email"         set action-type email         set email-to ""         set email-subject "SSL VPN Login"     next end


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