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mobile SSL VPN Split DNS setting issue



SSL VPN split DNS setting in fortigate.
After setting this up, I checked SSLVPN on my laptop and mobile phone.
In the case of laptops and desktops, I checked that DNS was received normally, but in the case of mobile devices, it was confirmed that DNS was not received.
The settings are as follows.




Mosaic processing was done because there is a risk of security problems. Please understand.

Is there something wrong with these settings? I checked fortinet, but it was confirmed that there is no problem in the setting.


I was wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue.


If anyone has a solution, please help, thank you. TT

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Hello @Itsin ,


Thank you for posting your query on Fortinet Forums. As per your query, I would first suggest confirming if you are using the latest version of FortiClient on your mobile device.


Also, can you confirm the make of the mobile device from where you are testing these settings and the Forticlient version on the mobile device?



Hello @Anonymous 


Thanks for answering my question.


The mobile phone I am using is Android, the mobile phone model is Galaxy S10+, and the forticlient version is


I've been testing it now, but the same thing is happening.


thank you


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Hello @Itsin ,


As per my research,  mobile devices work differently, it tries to find dns-suffix instead of only finding dns server ip.

Unfortunately, DNS suffix is only available in SSL VPN setting, for now, it is not available in split DNS in SSL VPN web portal.
You might need to use the general SSL VPN setting in order to resolve the DNS from mobile devices.
Can you try to make the change suggested in the following link?


Please let me know if this helps.



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