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maximum fortilink per fortiswitch

HI all,


we are unable to connect more than 8 fortilink to a single fortiswitch FS124POE.


could  exist such a limitation ?


our infrastructure consist of two fortigate 60E in A-P mode

connected to 4 FS124POE   connected as a stack , in a chain ( by the Fiber ports) and the last to the first.


the two FG60 has two interface in aggregation mode  as fortilink interface toward the FS124 stack, the active ports on one switch and the standby ports to the last switch of the stack



Then there are 12 FS108POE  connected  with one link each to one  FS124,  six on one and other six on another.


The problem we see, is that  when the last FS108 became managed by the fortigate , everything go down and never come back up until you restart the fortigates.


After a lot of try and guess it seem that no more that 6 fortilink can exist on a single fortiswitch...


any ideas or direct experience?






It will not fixes your issue, but can help.


FortiOS, you should check the limits in the following: Fortinet Documentation Library, or type the following command in CLI on your Fortigate: print tablesize and search for "switch". In 6.4.4, 60E should supports 16 switches. If I understand, you have 4 x 124 and 12 x 108, you have 16 switches. 


You didn't tell us the FortiOS version and FortiswitchOS you are running on, it's harder the find limits.


In the FortiSwitch Admin guide, (Devices Managed by FortiOS | FortiSwitch 6.4.3 | Fortinet Documentation Library), it shows the FortiSwitch 124E uses by default only the 8 last ports as Fortilink Enabled, 21 to 28. You have to enable LLDP profile "default-auto-isl" on all wanted ports. 


I hope it will help you.










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