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mass uninstall automatisation

hello there. 


I'll tried to auto uninstall all forticlient on my compagnie, for install a new version. 


I use BMC client managment for install package of Forticlient V.6.4.9.


But, i search a method for uninstall the older version of Forticlient, for hundred laptop. 


Does it possible to create a script for force the deconnection of Forticlient on client, and uninstall it ? 


Thanks for your answer.


Georges-Dan CHETRIT

Valued Contributor


If you don't have FortiClient EMS then you should be able to do it with GPO.

New Contributor III

From the website: you can download FortiClientTools. This contains an uninstall tool.

Rino Broer
New Contributor

Hi Everyone. 


Thanks for your answer. 


@RinoBroer I can't use FortiClientTools, because i tried with FCRemove.exe, but i can't force the deconnexion of the user. I would like to do this in such a way that it is completely transparent to the user.


@AEK : The problem is that I don't know what we have on the park. We have EMS, and we have some disconnected client, and for that, i would do something universal for any version.