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java applet


we are using latest versions of fortigate firewall and fortiweb waf.

we have a oracle EBS website which is jsp and using java applet. Direct from local server website is working and java applet is loading successfully. But from internet we have problem.

Even we allowed all ports at firewall and waf, still we have problem.

what can be the problem, do you have any idea.



if the applet is hosted on that server which I guess is in DMZ behind FortiGate and FortiWeb, then as a first resort I would really start digging in the logs, especially on FortiWeb.

Have a clearly define-able client, so known IP address, and then filter logs for blocked traffic from and to that host.

You can also do so in off-business hours and have a look online if there is just minimum of traffic. But filters and logs are first resort. 

As you are looking for a needle in a haystack you have to filter garbage out. Filters!

If there will be nothing on FortiWeb, I would move closer to the client, to FortiGate and start looking there. With logs, then flow debug, or even packet capture. There are KBs on how to do sniffer and basic network troubleshooting here on portal.

Besides that, there are sometimes useful "Troubleshooting" sections in admin guides or in Cookbooks on for each product.


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