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is it possible multiple ipsec user same interface

i want to make multiple ipsec vpn groups and multiple ipsec range for forticlient is it possible 

i make it multiple groups same interface but vpn ipsec user not working is it possible please help me 

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hm I found that if you have multiple forticlient dialup vpns on the same interface on your fgt you get into some trouble: this seems to be because of the FGT determining which VPN to use by looking at the proposals. If you have more then one dial tunnel that use the same proposals your FGT might chose the wrong one because it seems to allways chose the first one that meets the proposals.

The solution I foound for this is rather easy: change the tunnel to a custom one (you won't get the config options without that) and limit each tunnel to a specific peer id. On the client put that peerid into the config.

With that to the FGT the tunnels are unique and it will chose the one that matches the peerid.


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