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hi guys,
i would likte to create a topology Which consists of Fortimanager and fortigate firewalls. And also i would like to manage fortigates over Fortimanager, but in fortigate fortios vm versions (7.0, 6.4.5 and 5.6.1...etc) in security fabcric-->settings menu can't find "Central Management" to select Fortimanager. Which fortios version offer to use in my lab so that I can find "Central Management" option.

Thanks a lot.


Dear kusluer,

On FortiGate 6.4 and higher, you should find FortiManager under Security Fabric > Fabric connectors, and can edit the entry to point the devices to a local FortiManager.

It would probably be a bit easier to just discover the devices from FortiManager though.

You would have to do the following:
- ensure the interface on FortiGate that FortiManager should communicate with has FMG-Access enabled

- log into FortiManager

-> if you haven't already, enable ADOMs and create several to reflect the various FortiGate firmware versions (do note that 5.6 might not be supported by a FortiManager that supports 7.0)

- go into the appropriate ADOM for the firmware version, to Device Manager and click on 'Add Device', then go through the steps

-> FortiManager will connect to FortiGate and start managing it.

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you don't need to set that, Just make sure FMG can reach your FGT and then add it to an admom in FMG. Adding it will set that automagically for you.

You might run into the problem that FMG in newer versions does no longer support FOrtiOS 5.x so you cannot add those and mange them.

Also different FortiOSes may require you to have an own adom for them to not cause incompatibilities.


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