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fortimail internal simulation

opportunity knocks at my door to handle another fortinet product which is fortimail. somebody could shed me what are the requirements inorder for me to simulate fortimail? I dont have public domain to test with, so im looking for dummy/test environment wherein I could test incoming emails must be inspected by fortimail. By the way fortimail is loaded already to one of my VM server.

As of now Im limited to reading cookbooks and forum and navigating to fortimail tabs. ;)



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Fortigate Newbie
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The only thing I can think of is get a cheep domain from godday just for testing, you can get them for as little as $0.99. Then setup the fortimail in server mode with new domain, then adjust your firewall to pipe smtp traffic from wan to the fortimail, then adjust your DNS for new domain to point MX at your public IP you setup on firewall that point to private ip of fortimail. Then try to send some email to your test domain. And you can see flow. We have a Fortimail VM01 and are very happy with it, it catches viruses and does a very nice job filtering out spam, especially with grey listing on. GL IT
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