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fortigate and external radius authentication active portal

hello every body 

I want to make external captive portal using fortigate and authenticate using radius server windows server 2012 

I configured the radius server and I have portal in my localhost php 

when user want to access internet he will redairect to login page(portal)

 and he will asked to enter username and password after that I must send data to fortigate which will authenticate user by radius server 

the question is how can I send data from login page to fortigate and how can I insert new user  into AD radius server  by php 

I know the question is very long and very defficult but  I need help 

you can see my idea mor clearly in this url


does any one has php script about this idea



a bit unclear it seems to me ..

- "how can I insert new user  into AD radius" - so users are NOT in AD prior to the authentication ?

- if users are already in AD and it acts like RADIUS (NPS) then, why not to use it directly as RADIUS server in FGT and user group instead of external captive portal ?

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Hi Starking


Did you solve your issue? i have a similar problem with a local captive portal with a external radius.






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