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cannot route traffic to virtual ip in another vlan

I would like to ask some questions for my issue.  My firmware version is V7.4.0 Build 2360.

1) I have FortiGate 600F and i made port23 as truck port and configured 2 VLANs on that port. These are. 

  • VLAN 100 ( interface name: vlan100
  • VLAN 51 ( interface name: vlan51

And I make virtual Ip address VIP on VLAN 100 interface, 

  • name: DBVIP
  • interface: vlan100
  • external Ip address:
  • map to (this is my database server)
  • port forwarding: 
  • external service port: TCP 1521
  • Map to Ip v4 port: TCP 1521

My question is that I want to access virtual Ip address from my client in VLAN 51 network.

My problem is that I cannot create firewall rule to access vlan50 to VIP address in vlan100.

How can I do that? 

For firewall policy,

incoming interface: vlan51

outgoing interface: vlan100

source: vlan51 network address

Dest: "VIP of DBVIP in vlan100 network"
service: TCP-1521


But i cannot found VIP of DBVIP destination option in firewall rules.


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Any idea for my issue?