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block specific URLs

I'm trying to block specific URLs in the Web Rating Overrides and Web Filter option but for some reason the filters with the online game URLs do not work, and also do not work in blocking by Application Control, restricting the Games category. Analyzing the logs I saw that all online game URLs fall into the HTTP BROWSER category, I ask you to analyze because we have a demand for this type of block and we are not able to do it.


detail, my environment uses implicit proxy.


I would try URL Filtering (Static URL Filter in GUI) instead because of the reason "FortiOS_FTNT" guy explained in the thread below:





How are you applying the URL filter and/or other security profiles?  URL filtering should work providing it is applied to web traffic.  Firewall policy rules are applied from top-to-down, so if you have multiple firewall policy rules set up, make sure the rule(s) covering web traffic is moved above any generalized traffic rules and that the web filter profile is applied to that rule. 

NSE4/FMG-VM64/FortiAnalyzer-VM/6.0 (FWF30E/FW92D/FGT200D/FGT101E/FGT81E)/ FAP220B/221C

NSE4/FMG-VM64/FortiAnalyzer-VM/6.0 (FWF30E/FW92D/FGT200D/FGT101E/FGT81E)/ FAP220B/221C
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