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about http content routing on fortiweb


You are using HTTP content routing on FortiWeb. You want requests for web application A to be forwanded to a cluster of web servers, which all host the same web application. You want requests for web application B to be forwarded to a different, single web server.

Which statement about this solution is true?


A•Static or policy-beysed routes are not required.

B•You must chain policies so that requests for wich application A go to the virtual server for policy A, and requwsts for web application B go to the virtual server for policy B.

C•You must put the single web server in to a server pool, in order to use it with HTTP content routing.

D•The server policy applies the same protection profile to all of its protected web applications.

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Hi Sahram,


If you have distinct URLs for your web applications, then you don't need to use content routing. Its virtual server will have a single policy and pool of servers for it.

Or can you explain a bit more with an example what you are trying to do?




Hi ahassiotis

Thank you for your reply

this is a question in nse6 fortiweb 6.1 exam .





FortiADC is applying SNAT to all inbound traffic going to the servers. When an attack accurs, Fortiweb block traffic based on the source ip adderss, which belongs to FortiADC. The setup is breaking all connectivity and genuine clients are not able to Access the servers. What must the administrator do to avoid this problem? (Choose two)

A. No special configuration is required connectivity will be re-established after the set timeout B. Enable the Add X-Forwarded-for setting on Fortiweb C. Place FortiWeb in front of FortiAdc D. Enable the use X-Forwarded-For setting on fortiweb


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