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ZTNA Forticlient authentication popup just counts down to zero.


Does anyone ever get a popup that just counts down and to nothing and you cannot connect to any ztna destinations. I normally get the popup once, do my SAML authentication, along with MFA against the fortiauthenticator. Then everything works and I am good. Occasionally i get this timer that just counts down until 0.

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This time I had to actually reboot the primary fortigate in the ha pair. once the secondary took over everything worked again.

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Fortigate 1500D 7.2.5
ems 7.2.1
forticlient 7.2.1

I think it has something to do with user group timeouts and something with wad users. "diag wad user list" shows that it doesn't expire but I have the saml authentication timeout set at 960 in both the fortiauthenticator and in the user group settings on the fortigate for my SAML group.

I got into the fortigate and did a "diag wad user clear ID IP VDOM" and then was immediately able to connect again. How do I set the user sessions to expire either on idle or the user closes their last ZTNA session? 


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Do you see your traffic in the ztna logs ? Not forward traffic but ztna traffic? Your traffic if its being correctly proxyied it should appear in the ztna logs. Does the internet facing interface has a public ip or private? If private then add a secondary ip with the public ip ? If it already has a public ip try TCP forwarding instead of HTTPS access proxy see if it works as it will do the same thing at the end


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