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Wireless Access Point Authentication Issue

Hi All,


We are facing below issue in FortiAP.


1.) If the wifi user changes domain password from his wifi laptop then he is able to login with the new password in the next login but if the password of the same user is changed on the domain server or on some other PC then the wifi user is not able to login with the new password in his wifi  laptop.   2.)The domain user will not be able to login if the user doesn’t have his profile in the laptop. so we have to first login the domain user once on the LAN connectivity.

1) This is logging into the laptop before there's the wireless connection right? The laptop only has the old password cached and since there's not yet a connection to the domain controller to verify the new password the old password must be used.


2) If a new user tries logging in before a wireless connection is set up then how is that user going to authenticate to DC? His credentials aren't yet cached.


I would recommend Machine Authentication. As soon as the domain member laptop boots up it will connect to wireless using the machine SID, then because a connection does already exist any domain user can log into the laptop.


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