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Windows client VPN (L2TP) Dual WAN config

We have a fortinet 90d(5.2.4), WAN link load balancing is configured.   I am trying to configure the device to allow users with the built in windows VPN client to be able to remote into the device.  The documentation provided by fortinet is good if you don't have the WLLB configured but there is no documentation that i can find.  I have attempted to configure it the same way as if wan link load balancing is not configured but I run into problems when assigning interfaces to security policies. I am able to use "virtual-wan-link" as the source/dest but then I am not able to assign an existing VPN tunnel for action 'ipsec'.


If anyone can provide some guidance that would be great. I have opened a ticket with support but their time to respond / quality of response can sometimes be lacking.



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I guess that can't work because you only create the VPN via a dedicated port, not the virtual wan-load-interface. Just create a VPN tunnel in interface mode, and then use this interface as source interface in the policy - and as destination interface your internal interface.

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