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Which one to upgrade first : FortiManager or FortiGate

Hi ,

I've a deployment of 50 Fortigate  firewalls are connected to Fortimanager and plan to upgrade all from v6.x,x to v7.x.x ,,, Which one to upgrade first : FortiManager or FortiGate ,,, No VDOM in setup .


This link is a little old, but it still holds true (I just couldn't lay my hands on anything more current at the moment).

"If multiple different Fortinet devices are being used then they should always be updated in the order: FortiManager > FortiAnalyzer > FortiGate > FortiClient."

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Depends on your FMG. If it already supports FortiOS 7.x.x you don't need to upgrade it for upgrading FGTs. If it does not you will have to upgrade it to make it support that.

The order doesn't really matter because you will have to upgrade all FGT in an adom before you can upgrade the adom.


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