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Where exactly Forticlient VPN stores user's settings and why not they are unique?

I have found out recently that if i create new user profile on Windows and start Forticlient there it carries over settings of another Windows user using this machine. It is weird approach first of all. Most Windows applications have unique per user settings for every windows profile. Now i have to find a way to delete settings when i prepare same PC for another user by creating a new profile. So, i need to find a location of user settings to be able to wipe them.

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All settings are stored in:




What you would ONLY be possible if you had some "bad data" inserted in default user profile


Data is in HKCU, it is USER specific!



We are using IPsec VPN. There is no Fortinet branch in this user's HKCU/Software. For some reason Forticlient was saving user's username in the login window, although user had no "Save password" checked. I have deleted configuration and imported it again. Now it doesn't save user's username after user connects and disconnects. Hope it will work correctly from now on.


Where does IPsec configuration is saved?

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esfa101 wrote:

Where does IPsec configuration is saved?

I would also like to know this? Where is the information saved?

I want to be able to copy it to multiple computers.

We use Ipsec.

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I would also like to know where the vpn config files are located on a Windows computer.


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