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Whatsapp is facing slow internet access in my AP profile?

I'm  using  2 SSID in FortiGate AP which integrated with FortiGate 200F . In this only WhatsApp application is showing slow in internet connection. In application control profile I didn't add WhatsApp application , but still it shows weak internet . All other application which are using internet is working fine. Kindly suggest a way to sort-out this problem.

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Hello Sajeerhajib,


To start with troubleshooting is it possible that you can create a test policy with no UTMS enabled and define only one test source address and confirm if the issue still persists.


Thereafter, we can test by another source machine to narrow down this issue.

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The issue is that the WhatsApp application is experiencing slow internet access while other applications are working fine. This suggests that the problem is specific to WhatsApp and not the overall internet connection. A possible solution would be to check the Quality of Service (QoS) settings on the FortiGate AP.


QoS settings can prioritize certain applications over others, which could be causing WhatsApp to be deprioritized. Another possibility is that there is a firewall rule blocking WhatsApp traffic. Checking the firewall rules and making sure that WhatsApp is not being blocked would be another step to troubleshoot the issue.