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Web filtering blocking exempted web site

Fortigate 100F v6.0.6


a new website that users are trying to access was being blocked by the FortiGuard. I added the URL to the static URL filter initially with exempt option, but also tried with allow and monitor. it did change the message to show as belonging to a category that is blocked. I added a web rating override as it was being detected as newly registered domain, pointing it to custom category, custom1; this shows as allowed in the category list. since this still did not work I temporarily allowed the newly registered domain group as well, yet still get the block message. I suspect its getting hung up somewhere else, but not sure where I should be looking.

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i have problem about block website.


fortigate 3200d

firmware v5.6.12 build 1701








i 'am try block by wildcard , simple,Reg.Expression but website can access don't block on firewall.

and viewlog menu don't show about web filter matching

i'am try config follow Fortigate: How to configure Web Filter function on Fortigate – Techbast

but not work.!!

if any body have problem about webfilter.


please help me.