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Web Filter Log not save all visited URLs I have got a Fortigate 100E OS 7.2.2

I have got a Fortigate 100E appliance with OS 7.2.2.


Can you please tell me how showing all visited URLs of PC/Devices

I'm using Fortigate 100E + Splunk to do SYSLOG but it doesn't seem to save the full Web address when accessing.

The remaining 100E is only stored in RAM, not much Log.


Example: i want show log of PC01 access https:/ of PC01 at 15:00:00 11/6/2022


Note that unless you perform a deep packet inspection for HTTPS traffic, Fortigate will not be able to log the full URLs because those are encrypted. Without deep inspection enabled, Fortigate will only be able to the see/log the domain name. 


In either case, you should ensure that URL logging is enabled under your webfilter profile. 


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