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Web Filter Alerts

Hi everyone,

We are moving our School environment over to a Fortigate 100F with 5 year UTM - and after setting up our web filtering profiles, I am looking for a way to setup email notifications when certain categories are blocked. 

For example, if a member of X group attempts to go to a website categorised as Adult content. When it is blocked, we would like an email to be sent detailing the user and the website.

Is this possible with the current licensing we have in place or do we need to look into alternatives like FortiAnalyzer? Is this even possible with FortiAnalyzer?

Any help is appreciated.


Hello MMAT,


Please copy and paste the below link in web browser and follow the steps


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This would be my suggestion. You won't be able to create the alert locally, but if you offload the logs you can do it with either FAZ or any syslog server. Kiwi is very inexpensive and can do this. You might be able to do it Forticloud, but I haven't checked the alerting options up there in a while.
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I too am in a school environment and I would seriously consider implementing FortiAnalyzer regardless. The ability to easily parse and view that data in a way that makes sense from an existing FortiGate solution is a no brainer and various event handlers can be setup to alert you for just about anything you want coming through that FortiGate. Highly recommend.


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