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WAN LLB and citrix xendesktop

before implementing a fortigate 80E firewall we had no issues

now users are disconnected randomly between 2-30 minutes


this firewall is only used to provide dual wan links

all data is passed to a secondary fw which has the NAT rule for citrix access


the static ip for citrix is on wan 2,

users can connect just fine but it cuts the connection randomly


everything is fine except for the random disconnects

how do I create a policy that forces any incoming connection to my citrix to not get disconnected


I have looked everywhere and can't find any info on this issue


the 80E is running 5.6.3



If a static IP on wan2, it's probably nothing to do with WAN LLB. Does the random disconnects happen when user is not operating at the machine or it suddenly disconnect when the user is actively operating something at the machine? If the former, there was a conversation in the forum about session-timeout  with Citrix a while ago. And multiple solutions were exchanged. But the best answer was to set up Citrix's built-in keepalive to keep the sessions up. You can search in this forum.


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