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WAN Failover

Hey all


I have 2 WAN Links.


WAN1 main internet link (fix ip)

WAN2 secundary internet link (dhcp)


The idea is that some traffic ( subnets) will be passed to WAN2 and the rest to WAN1 


I configured link monitor:



config system link-monitor
 edit "WAN1"
 set srcintf "wan1"
 set server ""
 set update-cascade-interface disable
 set update-static-route disable


Status link

Link Monitor: WAN1, Status: alive, Server num(1), Create time: Thu Dec 17 13:04:34 2020
Source interface: wan1 (5)
Interval: 1
 Source IP( )
 Route: ->, gwy( )
 protocol: ping, state: alive
 Latency(Min/Max/Avg): 0.000/30.000/15.000 ms
 Jitter(Min/Max/Avg): 0.000/20.000/7.000
 Packet lost: 0.000%
 Number of out-of-sequence packets: 0
 Fail Times(0/5)
 Packet sent: 3204, received: 3204, Sequence(sent/rcvd/exp): 3205/3205/3206


I have an issue when I activate the second interface WAN2 i have a failover to that link?

All my VPN connections breake ..

Strange what am i do wrong.


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hm I never used that. We use SD-WAN with up to 5 WANs and failover works fine with that.

Just add a WAN to SD-WAN and add it to some health check (or create a new health check) to have it monitored and it will automatically drop out of sd-wan temporarily if it is detected unavailable.

SD-WAN will then use the other WANs accoarding to the configured lb algorithm until it comes back.


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