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WAD crash with 6.2.x and reboot

One of our 1500D a-p HA pairs recently experienced a master reboot twice (6.2.9 and 6.2.10 today) and switched over. I have a ticket at TAC and was told WAD crashes were the cause since lots of them are recorded in the crashlog. Also told this was a known issue with 6.2.x, which was fixed with any 6.4.x.

But the WAD crash records don't line up with the time the reboot happened. So I have some doubt that the crashes were the direct cause of the reboots.


Did anyone running 6.2.x experience reboots with or without WAD crash?







It is important to isolate the wad crash and the reboots. Wad crashes can signal other problems as well, so those must be fixed too, if not even first hand.
I suggest you enable comlog for your unit to verify what causes the reboots:

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Thanks Alex. We're moving to the same direction too. Somehow this particular unit's comlog was disabled while the current primary unit's have been enabled. I enabled it yesterday but it wouldn't happen again until we swap the a-p back.

We're going to perform some HQIP test first, before the swap back.

For WAD crashes, I asked the tech to bring this up in the next meeting with Engineering side. Because at this moment, no schedule to implement the fix 6.4 has to 6.2 while engineering support for 6.2 is nearing to the end according to the tech.


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