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Virtual IPs and "duplicate entry exists"

Please forgive me for adding to a commonly discussed topic.

Things I commonly need and commonly fail with Fortigates are:

  • Port forwarding based on source address: Forwarding port x to same port on internal machine A in general, but to the same port on another machine B, if connected from a (short) list of known IPs. Trying to set this up with Virtual IPs with source filter, but as the general rule overlaps with the specific rule I always end up with "duplicate entry already exists".
  • Having a mapping between an external address and an internal address A, however still needing to forward that one single exceptional port x to another internal machine B. Obviously, you cannot have a 1:1 mapping and as well port forwardings.[/ol]

    In the first case you seem to have to add dozens of VIPs with IP ranges in order to avoid duplicate entries (this is just unmaintainable, so I end up e.g. with a second firewall behind the Fortigate which does not have this limitation, which is not a good solution). In the second case you end up with at least 5 VIPs (range 0-x, x-65535 for both TCP and UDP plus the VIP for Port x) and an IP Pool (since you explicitly have to NAT outgoing traffic to the external address - which would happen automatically if you could use 1:1-NAT). This isn't actually very maintenance friendly, neither.


    Is this really the way to go, or am I just missing a more elegant way due to my limited know-how about Fortigates?


    Many thanks in advance for any hint!


    Best regards,


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