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View and edit link monitor

Hi all,


We get an alert from our link monitor saying WAN2 is down. However, I can't find any way to view the current link monitor to confirm its settings.


I inherited this firewall, so not sure what the settings are to begin with. Is there a way to view current link monitor settings? Or can I create a new one which will overwrite the old one?


Link-monitor still seems to be configured/viewed via CLI.

To configure, go to "config sys link-monitor". "show" would show you what's configured already. Just enter into one of them by "edit XXXXX" and type "get" would show you all parameters you can configure with "set".


To view the current status, you can use "diag sys link-monitor status" to show all of them.


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From the CLI do "show system link-monitor" as root. Hope that answers your question.

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Hi all,

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately those steps don't work.

config sys link-monitor takes me to the link-monitor config as expected. But typing in show only brings up:

config system link-monitor

The same output is produced with show system link-monitor from the root folder.


The reason I'm troubleshooting this is because I'm getting system events generated - Link monitor: Interface wan2 was turned down


I want to check what the properties of that link monitor are.

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You'd want to use "diagnose system link-monitor status"


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