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Veeam Guest OS Credentials for FortiAnalyzer VM Backup

I have a FortiAnalyzer VM that I am backing up with Veeam B&R v11a (build P20211211).   The backup reports success and I have restored the entire VM (after a bad firmware udpate) so confident it is working.   Occasionally I see a warning message from Veeam that it was not able to access the guest OS, although it does still report the normal volume of data backed up.


In the backup job properties I can set specific credentials for the VM.   It offers Standard or Linux.  I am using my normal admin user account but am not able to guess the correct settings to pass the Credentials Test.


Tried searching in the Veeam community forums as well but no joy.

Does anyone do similar, and if so, how have you configured the backup job?



Although i do not have much experience with Veeam, when i read the line below, it came to my mind what cloud vendors usually report about the FGT image.
" Occasionally I see a warning message from Veeam that it was not able to access the guest OS,"
The FGT image is like a black box image and for most, if not all, hypervisors. Which means it can not "speak" to low level functions or kernel, and any outside Linux extensions can not be used.
At least this is my experience with Fortigates. I am guessing the same can be said for other Fortinet products. So i am guessing Veeam is trying to pull some information from FAZ and it does not get it, hence the message.
You also wrote, "In the backup job properties I can set specific credentials for the VM. It offers Standard or Linux." - I believe here you should choose Linux.
I hope my answered helped a bit.

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FortiAnalzyer is also based on Linux (with similar restrictions to FortiGate); changing the credentials to Linux might help.

Other than that, you could reach out to the FortiAnalyzer team (open a Technical Assistance ticket on your FortiAnalyzer S/N), they might have come across other cases with FortiAnalyzer and Veeam.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I did talk with Veeam community as well.   The simple solution was to put the FAZ in its own backup job instead of including with the normal Windows VMs job.  That way I could turn off Guest Processing for the job and not have to worry about Veeam trying to quiesce the VM before backup - no credentials needed so no more warnings.


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