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VZW: 40F-3G4G Nightmare

Has anyone had any luck in setting up a 40F-3G4G with Verizon?  It should be fairly easy.  I have static IP's for each Fortigate we're setting up yet I can't get the Fortigate to connect to the Verizon network.  Below are the settings.  I've verified with Verizon that here in NY the APN is ne01.vzwstatic


status : enable
extra-init :
manual-handover : disable
force-wireless-profile: 0
authtype : none
apn : ne01.VZWSTATIC
modem-port : 255
network-type : auto
auto-connect : enable
gps-service : disable
gps-port : 255
data-usage-tracking : disable
band-restrictions :
image-preference : verizon
allow-modify-wireless-profile-table: enable
allow-modify-mtu-size: enable
sim-hot-swap : enable
connection-hot-swap : 5-minutes


It repeatedly fails to pull down an IP.  Anyone been through this process that has some advice? I've tried factory resetting and setting the modem up first, then factory resetting and setting the modem up last, nothing helps. 

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It took a week of research and trial/error, but we're all set.  It was 99% Verizon's fault.  The spreadsheet they sent me had the incorrect Static IP's and some of the lines didn't have the correct features provisioned.  Let that be a lesson, it's not always our fault.  Took me a week of arguing with VZW before they found the error, but everything is up and working now.  If anyone needs help setting up their 3G4G devices on Verizon send me a PM.  I've learned a lot about these devices in the last 2 weeks... 


I am experiencing a similar issue currently. Can you tell me what features had to be added on VZW side? Also, could I email you about this?

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