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Dear all,


I try to configure VRRP. I can't do HA cluster because they don't have the same licensing (for Financial reasons).

My two Fortigate 60 have the same virtual IP. I can ping them by their IP and virtual IP (If I shut down the master, the slave answers).

My problem is that even if my master has no Internet, it remains the master (I must shut disconnect the router from the LAN)... I tried "vrdst" without success.

Another question, is it possible to share a Internet bridged connection (only one Fortinet can authenticate at a time) between them or do my provider router must be configured as router (to both have IP address at the same time) ?


Thanks !


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You can use vrdst, but you have to configure link-monitor too. Your link monitor must remove the default gateway to trigger a VRRP failover


No, it is not possible to have a PPPoE connection. Your router must negociate the connection to your provider.