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VRRP across wan

I have 2 physical sites that are connected by 2 layer 2 connections. One is ASE and the other is microwave. At each site I have 2 Cisco stacks and 2 HA Fortigates. The Fortigates are setup as internal segmentation firewalls and handle all the routing. They are connected using redundant interfaces (Not ideal, but I am limited since they are 300e's). Spanning the vlan across the 2 is not a problem. I have that now and it works fine since the connections are layer 2. Routing and spanning the connections across both sides is where I need some help. 


My idea was to create the new vlan on all 4 switches and trunk them (not sure if this will create a problem with stp, but I can deal with that). From there, create a set of redundant interfaces between each of the Fortigates and Cisco's. Create a vlan on the redundant interface and set it up as vrrp with my hq as the primary and my dr site as the secondary. Is this a workable setup, or is there something glaring I am missing? There is an example in the attached jpg.


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Did you ever find a solution to this?  We are trying to implement this now across two datacenters and I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can before the cutover test.  Thanks!


I am still working on implementation on this, however I was able to confirm with my sales engineer that this would be a viable solution. I am working on implementation this week. I will try to remember to post back to this with an outcome. You can hit me up here in a week or so for a status update if you would like. I should have a better answer by then.


Hey there.  Hope your configuration is going well... any luck getting this set up?  I am making progress on my end, but would like to compare to something that is working for reference.  Thanks for your time.


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